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  • What do I have to take on board?

    Protect from the sunlight, use UV sunray protection such as sunglasses, a cap and sunblock lotion.

  • Is it able to eat on board?

    It is not permitted to eat on board, but we suggest to stay hydrated and to carry a bottle of water or any kind of liquid for your hydration.

  • Where is it possible to go to the restroom?

    Our buses do not have restrooms. Most of the stops along our routes are in public places and near of shopping centers, museums, restaurants, etc., where it will be possible to go to the restrooms. Capital Bus is not responsible of the restroom service and the ticket does not warranty it and it is absolutely responsibility of the passenger.

  • Where am I able to get off the bus?

    For security reasons, passengers may just get off the bus at our authorized stops. Downtown - Polanco route has 17 stops, Reforma – Santa Fe route has 13 stops and Temples route has 5 stops. Visit our rout section and our digital map to see stop locations.

  • What is the frecuency of the buses on the routes?

    On Downtown – Polanco route, buses have an approximately frequency of 30 minutes, on Reforma - Santa Fe route, buses have an approximately frequency of 30 minutes and on Temples route the frequency is 120 minutes. Frequency may vary according to weather and traffic conditions. Ask our staff about the times or check on line the location of the buses.

  • Whom do i contact in case of doubts or questions?

    A tour guide will be on every bus to help about our services or interesting places to visit near each stop of the routes. There is also a line 52 (55) 6798-1330 or an email

  • Where to buy tickets?

    Tickets are available at, at the sales points, on the buses, some external sales points such as hotels and some authorized establishments.
    Sales points:
    • Zona Rosa: Liverpool st. #155.
    • Downtown: Monte de Piedad st. , (next to Metropolitan Cathedral)
    • Colonia Roma: Villa de Madrid Plaza and Oaxaca Ave. (Cibeles Fountain)
    • • National Auditorioum: Paseo de la Reforma, (In front of National Auditorioum)
    To buy one of our tours outside Mexico City, it is necessary to reserve one day before the tour.
    Call us: 5273-9619, we will be glad to help you.

  • Do I have to wear the Capital bus bracelet?

    Yes, you must wear the bracelet any time, it is the only way to get on and get off our buses as many times as you want during the 24 hours it is valid. Show the bracelet every time you get on the bus to scan it, our staff will tell you if it is still valid. Remember that Capital Bus bracelet is 24 hours length once it is scanned for the first time.

  • What is the lenght of the bracelets?

    Capital Bus bracelet is valid 24 hours length once it is scanned for the first time. For example, if you get on a Capital Bus and scan the bracelet at 14:00, the bracelet will be valid till 13:59 the next day.

  • Service Hours

    Downtown – Polanco route. Monday to Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    Reforma – Santa Fe route. Monday to Sunday.9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    Temples route: Monday to Sundat.9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    Schedules are subject to changes without prior notice. Ask our staff about possible schedules changes.

  • Are pets allowed on board?

    No they are not. Pets are not allowed on board.

  • Are there any disccounts?

    Yes, there are. Children under 12 years old, also adults over 60 years old showing INAPAM ID will obtain discounts. Check our web page to know about special promotions.

  • May I get on with my bicycle?

    No, you may not. At this moment our buses cannot offer this service.

There is a tour guide in all our buses who may help you in case you need to know more about our services or the nearby places to visit. For help or further information please call 52 (55) 6798-1380 or write to